My name is Lovine Mboya. My national identity card has Christine slotted in somewhere. I started this blog simply because I love writing. But this was not enough, seeing as during the first year of starting the blog (2014), I posted NOTHING. Love alone is not enough.

One day I paused in the middle of talking to myself (which I do a lot), and thought, ‘why don’t I write down these things I keep saying to myself?’ which probably led to my first posts. The voices in my head would shut up, then I would have nothing to talk to myself about, and write down. BLOCK. ‘Okay, I’ll just bring the blog down and start afresh with this amazing new idea I have!’ I thought to myself. I cleared posts, and started writing my perspective on things happening around me. This was an interesting phase, many pieces were generated during this time, and I felt that finally I was doing THE RIGHT THING. I would spend hours penning opinion pieces on one thing or the other, basking in the thrill and rush of adrenaline as words flowed from my brain(heart actually) onto paper(I preferred longhand at that time). Then suddenly another BLOCK hit.

Okay, heart and brain, what do you want?

One time I was bored, called a friend up we hang out. She came over, and was doing most of the talking when it suddenly hit me, I could do her story!!! I don’t have to speak for me all the time! I could listen to her story, put it down on paper, polish it, and inspire! Make magic! Influence opinions, lives, views..

Blood rush. To my ears, to my brain. Heart speeding. Happens to you when you feel LIKE you have just come up with the best idea in the whole wide world? Haha. This was like two years ago. So I did profiles, and the blood rush was there, still is there. I LOVED doing people’s stories. I loved listening to people’s experiences. In the middle of writing some I would pause and be like, ‘WTF did s/he just say she did?!’ HAHA. And some I would have to write in shifts, trying to detach myself from the emotional pull(which I found impossible).

I want this blog to be a reflection of all things I love. My stories, Your story. A little food here, music there, art…my videos. I see myself in this blog. A reflection of both the person I am and the person I want to be.

I want this blog to be an inspiration to me and you. To be a source of quality content (copyrighted 🙂 don’t lift posts), to be worth your while when you read, the book you always come back to, be it in your car, in a matatu, at home, at a park.

I am doing this with love. Love alone is enough.


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