Listening To #KamaKawaida by MDQ, Fena, Mayonde, Kagwe.


You ain’t ready for this Nairobi! Profound words of Kagwe Mungai.

True to these words, I wasn’t ready for all the awesomeness in this music! From the lyrics, to the beats, to the fire on screen (what do you get from a Mayonde, Fena Gitu and Muthoni DQ mashup? Flames!)

I have been replaying this song ever since I first heard it(which was when they were at Kiss FM).

So, what’s it about? You, and me. Haha. We have not been mentioned by names, but, ebu judge for yourself, ‘Kama kawaida, I kill it…I do..’ Sounds familiar? What’s your hustle? Are you putting in your best and appreciate the fruits of your effort? Then you are killing it! Kama kawa.

If, yet, the ‘killing’ of the hustle hasn’t happened, do not be discouraged, because this song right here will get in the mood to go kick some-…

Feel good music. Play to get in the mood for some real hustle, to celebrate the hustle, or when you just chilling with friends over good food/drinks/whatever works for you.

*Note- Sadly, I can’t upload videos to this blog yet 😦 , BUT, because I want you to listen to this without going through the hustle of searching it everywhere, just click HERE


Listen, then put your hands up in the air for this one more time! (Again, Kagwe’s words 😀 )


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