Until You Hunger, Until You Thirst

One day you will hunger, and then, you will do it.

The above statement was spoken to me by a close friend, when I asked him why I constantly fail to follow through with the grand plans I’m always laying down.

‘I think I am just lazy,’ I said.

‘No, you are not. You are just not hungry,’ he replied.

‘What does hungry mean in this context?’

‘It is impossible to sacrifice and fight for that which we do not hunger for, ‘he said.

I did not understand. I am hungry for my dreams. I want many things to happen. If I didn’t have this ‘hunger’ he is talking about then I wouldn’t have been writing down plans! Or staying up late at night thinking of the future. I am hungry.

‘Well, if you believe you are really hungry, then find out what is keeping from going for the things you want. Find out what voice tells you to continue ‘making plans’ instead of just doing it. Find out what is holding you back from that which you seek. You are not hungry.  Otherwise, you would JUST DO IT,’ he said.

Then it hit me.

I really am not hungry. Yes I want things, it is true that I dream of great possibilities, but until I stop lounging in my comfort zone, until I am ready to put in the work, I will never start the journey of realizing my full potential. Until the day hunger for my dreams weighs over hunger for anything else, weakens the part in my brain that tells me, ‘it’s okay. Sleep a little more. We can start tomorrow’, I will never get there. Until I have burning desire for something bigger, the journey will never start.

‘When you hunger, you don’t even have the patience to make plans and review like what you’ve been doing. You simply wake up and go do it. Because hunger does not allow you to think whether the food is good or not. Thirst does not allow you to ask whether the water has been treated or not. The mistakes shall be corrected as the journey progresses’

If there are awakening words spoken to me so far in 2017, his were.

And I feel many of us can relate to this. We are seeking something and the only thing holding us back could be that we are not hungry enough for that which we seek. That is why in your quest, you face a small hurdle and give up. You get a few doors closed and you say that’s it! You start a business with a lazy partner and get discouraged, and that’s it! You see someone who shared your dream and who started before you but failed, so you decide to never try. You are not hungry. When you will hunger, none of these factors will matter.

This hunger might come unforeseen. Could be when you are taking your dog for a walk, and see a boy playing a guitar across the street and something lifts in you. In that moment, you know what you truly, innately desire. And the hunger begins.

It could also hit you like it did me, when you are with a friend, talking about life, dreams, hopes. He plays your favorite song and whispers that you might not discover your dreams because you are not hungry enough for them. And suddenly, you are hungry.

The overwhelming scent of infinite possibilities will hit you in the most unexpected of moments.

A reminder is all we need at times. A situation that takes our memories back to the plans we had laid out, the dreams we cradled in our hearts. A reminder that we still have time, but that that time may run out. A reminder that our hearts never lied to us when it said it wants music, or art, or women’s rights to be fought for, or a country/state to be properly governed, or a fruit business to be started, or to have a new lawyer in town in your name, or romantic love to flourish and last its course. A reminder will come, and with it, the hunger to go back to the basics. What we really hold dear in our hearts.

With this reminder will come reawakened dreams and hopes and desires. A rebirth of the soul, a renewal of the mind. With this reminder, there will come hunger, and a person unstoppable in his search for that which will feed his soul.

I am hungry.


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