Such An Emotional Mess!


It is not okay. Do not stay silent. Speak out.

I want to say this over and over again, and I would advise that you read this piece (that you are already reading) after going through this week’s #LIFECLASS story, HERE.

I have had an extremely emotional week. Very angry one time, sad the next, hysterical over nothing afterwards, then happy and calm, then angry and sad and tired and sleeping. Repeat.

Those days when all you want is to close yourself in, protect yourself from a world you’ve failed to understand.

It is worse if you are like me who doesn’t find any other thing apart from silence therapeutic. Be it music, or food, or a good book/movie. Nothing. All I want to do in such times is crawl back into my cocoon and sleep.

Maybe it’s the stories I’ve been reading and writing. Or maybe it’s that episode on Sheila Lives Out Loud that got me too emotional(HERE). It could be the unending questions I keep asking with no answers. It could be my thoughts. It could be the memories. Or maybe it’s just me.

Valentines is here, and as my norm, I will be taking this as another day to show love to those that I hold dear.

I will also be taking the months after February to speak out on the issues that really matter to me through your stories.

One of the best choices I ever made in my life is to be open about how I feel, what I really want, where I am really going. This, to me, is the beginning of true love. Love for yourself and the life you live.

I pass the die over to you, you could ether cast it and pray that you get the lucky number, or you could manually flip the die with the number you desire side up, and start living the life you want.

With Love.


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