With Damorn! The Youth Pastor…



1. You are a founder of a youth ministry, tell us about it

Starting Dominion Youth Ministry was a calling from God. I was in my first year of college and got to see how my classmates spent their weekends partying and drinking and engaging in other activities. At first I ignored this, but then came the calling to provide an alternative to all the rave, which is creating an environment in which the youth can serve God. We are now two years old.

2. How many times would you advise that a person prays in a day

The Bible says men ought always to pray, and another scripture says pray without ceasing. I would say communicate with God as many times as you can.

3. You work with youths, what do you think is our greatest weakness that leads us away from faith

The environment we put ourselves in. Bad company corrupts good morals. It is also said that you are the average of 5 of your friends, I believe this is true.


4. How’s a day in your life like

I don’t really have a fixed schedule. If I’m not at the studio then I’m probably at home studying or listening to sermons. I attend classes in the evening apart from Wednesdays because we have our weekly fellowship #ReignCityNairobi happening at Anniversary Towers in Nairobi. On weekends I have either have a gig, or a school mission to attend. I thank God for life and love everyday He gives me.

5. What’s the best thing someone’s told you about yourself

Haha. I’ve been told many things. That I’m eloquent and gifted tops them all.

6. Your favorite day of the week

Wednesday, because of #ReignCityNairobi! You should join us.


7. A friend is someone who…

..is there because of who you are and not what you do or what you have.

8. Which three professions would you pursue

Currently I’m a Law student at the University of Nairobi. I am also a pastor and I’m a song writer and performing artist. These sum up everything I’ve ever wanted to do.

9. Which teaching/quote do you live by

Keep your head up!

10. What do you do for fun

Listen to music, dance, swimming once in a while.






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