Listening To #Destiny by Zahara!



My all-time favorite! I first  heard Zahara in a matatu- I was the one in the matatu, her voice booming in the speakers-in 2013. Her song Loliwe was at that time very popular in Kenya I think. Immediately I got off, I bought airtime and downloaded Loliwe, the particular song I had fallen in love with(proud to say that in two days’ time I could sing it word-for-word, even taught it to my neighbor, HA!)

I wanted more Zahara, so I ended up downloading 5 other songs, which I all loved!

This year after I bought my very first laptop,the first items I downloaded and saved as ‘FAVORITES’ was Zahara’s music 🙂 .

In line with this week’s features on the blog, I would love that you listen to DESTINY, a song whose message I totally subscribe to!

Again, I can’t upload videos here, sorry 😦 , but click HERE to listen 🙂

Lyrics Spoiler;

Some people live their dreams. 

Some their destiny pass them by

Tell me the reason why

Nothing ever stays the same.. 


I hope you’ll love it like I do!


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